Residence / Visa Typing Service (E-Vision)
Issuing Residence Visa
Residence Cancellation
Visa Stamping
Visa Change to New Passport
Visa Renew
Visit Visa Short Time
Issuing Change Status
Visit Visa Long Time
De Attach Residence
Visa Extension (On Arrival)
Department of Economic Development Service
Reserve Tradename
Renew Tradename
Visa Renew Permits Commercial
Visa Update Permits Commercial
Issue Initial Approval
Renew Initial Approval
Cancel License
License Frozen
Update License Details
De Processing License Details
Cancel and liquidation of Commercial
Issuing Permits Commercial
Cancel Permit Commercial
No Objection (Department of Economic Development From)-One Procedure
Reserve Trade name - Start Business Service
Issue Initial Approval Electronic-Start Business Service
Issuing Electronic Contract incorporation-Start Business Services
Print License
License Stamping
Printing Department of economics Department From
EJARI Typing
Dubai Court
Printing & documentation for all transactions
Dubai Municipality
Emirates ID Typing Service
Emirates ID for Local
Emirates ID for GCC
Emirates ID New (2 years)
Emirates ID New (3 years)
Emirates ID Replacement
Handing Letters
Special Needs
Medical Typing Service
Medical Normal (One Week)
Medical Urgent (48 Hr)
Medical Urgent (24 Hr)
Medical VIP(3Hr)